Dan Bagan

Daniel Bagan is a self-taught studio portrait photographer, based in St. Augustine, Florida, with a passion for capturing compelling photos of unconventional subjects. Daniel started his career with film and a deep love of black and white portraits and as technology evolved, so did his approach to photography. He realized he was meant for the digital age.

From an early age, Daniel had an eye for visual imagery, detail and composition. His influences include portrait photographers Yousuf Karsh, Edward Weston and Richard Avedon. Currently in his mid-sixties, a time when the pace of technology has moved past many photographers, he is on a constant quest to learn, adapt and create which lead him to launch his new venture a massive psych wall studio with the largest softbox Chimera makes. Daniel’s vision for the new studio was realized through an interesting series of circumstances which led him to meet Sidney Hobbs the founder of The Classic Car Museum of St Augustine.  

Daniel recognizes the powerful ability art has to influence and uses his art for good. He has photographed a broad range of subjects including homeless, developmentally disabled, and individuals with chronic bell’s palsy.  Daniel's work is exhibited by collectors, colleges and corporations, his most famous work is his re-enactment of Dan Wynn’s iconic 1971 photograph published in Esquire Magazine of Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes. The photograph is part of the permanent collection at Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and was part of the Museum of the City of New York’s exhibition Beyond Suffrage: A Century of New York Women in Politics and hangs in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.


Daniel is an experienced public speaker and trainer and is well known for his ability to share technical and concepts in an easy and understandable way. Behind his easy manner, he is a serious and skilled photographer.

His workshops for Florida's Birding & Photo Fest have received the highest reviews.



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Select Gallery of Dan's Workshop Images

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In-Studio Classic Car Photography-Dan Ba
In-Studio Classic Car Photography-Dan Ba

Workshop Location

Classic Car Museum of St. Augustine

4730 Dixie Hwy, St. Augustine, FL 32086