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SUN 1 - 2:30 P.M; Photo Seminar (Meeting Location: Festival Headquarters, 5205 A1A S)


Price: $25; Difficulty Level: Beginner; Max No. Participants: 30


Photography is all about the dance between the light and the dark to shape the landscape we see with our eyes.  It takes a little knowledge and a few tricks to capture those nuances with the iPhone.  Key in to the time and the composition to capture the best image of your landscape.  Then with the help of a few editing techniques available in software for your iPhone, you can turn an average iPhone picture into a stunning image.


We will cover different camera apps available for the iPhone that give you control over the exposure time and iso and even macro simulations.  We will look in depth at the proper timing and lighting situations for various landscape locations.  There are many editing apps available for the iPhone, we will go over a few of the most popular and the edits you will want to make to take your images to the next level!

From Blah to Beautiful: Learn How to Take Landscape Photos w your iPhone SUN 1PM

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