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Welcome to one of the most celebrated

and beautiful festivals in the nation ... 

Florida’s Birding & Photo Fest

Next year's event will be held from

April 27 - May 1, 2016

at the

GTM Research Reserve

Environmental Education Center


Located at 505 Guana River Rd,

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  (904) 823-4500

(Just 10 miles north of downtown St. Augustine)

We are once again spreading our wings to present a world-class birding and outdoor photography event.  


The 2015 Festival features more new world-renowned photographers, more new rare birding opportunities, and even more new in-field programs and technical training opportunities than previous events.


Equally as impressive is the confirmed return of perhaps the greatest collection of upper echelon international nature and wildlife photographers in the world — a collection which continues to solidify Florida’s Birding & Photo Fest as one of the premier and prized events in all of North America. And of course the community of St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, & all of Florida’s Historic Coast is welcoming bird lovers and photography aficionados with all the gracious, friendly hospitality one would expect from the Nation’s Oldest City and Florida’s most world-class destination.


So without further ado, we welcome you to this 2015 Birding & Photo Fest—an event which glorifies the love we have for birds, nature, phtography and Florida’s unique offering of the great outdoors. It will be yet another auspicious St. Augustine event which is destined to go down in History.

GTM Research Reserve Environmental Education Center